Level 4 Results for November 2017 final examinations

Level 4 Results for November 2017 final examinations are available and may be collected from Reneilwe CLC.

24 thoughts on “Level 4 Results for November 2017 final examinations

  1. hello I did my level 4 at reneilwe in 2012 soo i thought i registered for maths but never write my maths soo my question is, is it possible for me to register for grade 12 even if my level 4 certificate is incomplete?


  2. Halo
    My name is Rosselina
    I would like to write metric but I am working I just wanna know if I can do part time
    Warm regards


  3. hi Thomas i have failed to write my grade 12 ,i have a report .can i just register and then buy books for myself and do self study then come to write .i also wanna ask if its possible to register and write November or we only sit for june exams .


    1. Hi Thulane, registration opens in August 2019. You will only be able to write in May and June 2020. November exams are only for those who failed some subjects in matric at school. You will be able to study yourself at home and only come for the exams.


      1. Thanks,so i must come to the school ,register and then get the curriculum and go buy books .is there any registration fee to register with the centre .or a fee is needed to register for finals .how much is the fee of registration and how much per subject.Thanks for your answer above .Do you have any other adult learning centre around nellmapius ext 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7


      2. Registration is R100 and R100 per subject. The main center is Reneilwe, we at times have classes at Nellmapius if there is enough learners there. You will have to enquire about the school.


  4. Thanks i’m answered ,i wanted to know if there is any centre at mapius so i got the answer.Will go register with the centre .then register to write when the time is fine.Soory to ask so many questions, but is it possible to come and register for exams only or i must register with the centre first .


  5. Thomas i can’t thank you enough.Thanks i will go register next week Tuesday ,i need my ID ,report and proof of residence to register with the centre.any other think which i must carry


  6. Hii Thomas i wanna finish my grade 10 to 12 for how many years will it take me to finish n can i do part time studying coz am working


    1. Hi Mitchell,
      With a grade 9 statement of results and over the age of 21 you may start with three subjects for matric. We have part time classes.


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